Sarah Scantlin

The case of Sarah Scantlin was, indeed, quite miraculous, even if you consider the volatility of medical science. The news of her talking, suddenly, after 20 years, did take everyone by surprise. It also forced many medical experts to ask themselves intricate questions regarding consciousness. Can our brain really rewire everything after suffering a traumatic injury? Well, we may never learn the answer to this, but we can learn more about the curious case of Sarah Scantlin. So, let’s get started!

Sarah Scantlin’s Bio

Sarah Scantlin


Sarah Leanne Scantlin, or simply Sarah Scantlin, was born on 2nd May 1966, in the small city of Hutchinson. She lived there, since her childhood, in the huge family house. According to her parents, she was quite talented in the subject of fine arts. During her childhood, Sarah frequently used to participate in dance and theater programs, to hone her skills more efficiently.

Aside from that, she was quite studious as well. She had graduated from Nickerson High School in 1984. At the age of 18, she began studying at the Hutchinson Junior Community College. According to the memories of her professors, she seemed to have a bright future ahead of her. However, things unexpectedly turned south since then.

The Accident

The calamity occurred during a calm night in September of 1984. While stepping off the street, Sarah was hit by a drunk driver’s car, which, in turn, pushed her to the middle of the road. She was thrown into the path of another vehicle, which had struck her head. She did suffer a traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage and had to be referred to a hospital right away.

According to the doctors, the injury to her head was quite severe and she should have been dead within two days. However, Sarah had always been a fighter throughout her life. So, she shrugged off a brush with death and lived. However, her parents did not find the same Sarah again. She was barely conscious, as she could not offer any response to other’s questions or show any happiness at all.

The “Miraculous” Event

Sarah spent 20 lost years, lying motionless in her room, with a blank expression on her face. However, everything changed, almost in an instant, after twenty gut-wrenching seasons. According to the reports provided by her parents, Sarah called them and talked with them without any complication. She could also remember her childhood, friends, and various memories, which were locked in her mind after the incident.

Her “second coming” did have an exquisitely positive effect on her and the people surrounding her. She was an eloquent ball of positivity, optimism, and happiness. She lived a beautiful life with her family for around 11 years before passing away peacefully on 16th May, only a few days after her 50th birthday.

She might not be with us anymore, but her positive attitude and never-say-die persona will continue to inspire those of us left behind in this world.

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