Angie Varona

Angie Varona is not your average American girl. The 28-year-old Miami, born and raised Instagram model has gone through many difficulties in her life. Learning the dark side of the Internet, from a young age, Varona has been to hell and back.

This article will help you learn more about the life of the social media celebrity, who stole the hearts of millions of Instagram followers. When she’s not posting on Instagram, you can read the tweets that she shares on Twitter.

Angie Varona’s Bio

Angie Varona

Early Life

Angie Varona was born on April 29, 1993, in Miami, Florida. Her parents’ names are Juan Varona and Maria Varona. She is of Hispanic ethnicity.

Not much is known about her family life and whether she has a brother or sister.

The beauty influencer finished secondary school at St. John A. Ferguson Senior High School. She knew the importance of a college degree from a young age, so Angie enrolled in pre-law studies at Miami Dade College. She is a law school graduate.

Hacked Photos of Angie

When she was only 14 years old, Varona’s private picture was leaked and went viral. The hacker’s identity is still unknown; however, she learned a valuable lesson from a very young age. The incident made her a “Facebook Sex Symbol,” which later helped with her career.

Her “careless” teenage life took a turn for the worst when she got into a scandal. When she realized that her nude photos had gone viral, she went into a dark place. Angie even publicly stated that she considered suicide as she didn’t know how to handle the situation. Luckily, her parents stood by her side and helped her get through the difficult time.

The social media influencer had to face her parents and try to move on from the unpleasant situation. In an interview for “Good Morning America,” Angie talked about the importance of self-love and self-worth. The Instagram star learned that she couldn’t trust anyone when sharing nude photos of herself. Check her interview here.


The influencer and model gained worldwide fame due to leaked photos she experienced when she was only a teenager. Aware of her beauty and style, she began posting her pictures on an image-sharing platform, called Photobucket.

This moment was crucial for her career. The incident helped her gain fame and fortune. As a content creator, she regularly posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

As of April 2021, Angie has over 3.1 million followers on her Instagram account. She posts images of her wearing bikinis and lingerie, promoting various brands. Through the paid posts and promotions, she regularly earns money.

Angie isn’t shy to show her body that she’s proud of. Several swimsuit brands endorsed her to be their ambassador.

She’s also an avid fitness fan. Most of her photos include her working out and showing off the toned body. Her fans always praise her for having an hourglass figure.

Check out her Instagram profile for more images.

Although her exact net worth is unknown, some estimate that Varona acquired over $400k until 2019. Her income depends on promotions, paid advertisements, and swimsuit endorsements.

Private Life

The model is dating Rick Arredondo. Previously, she was dating Juan Pablo Inguanzo. The couple was dating for a long time. She keeps her private life to herself, although her followers occasionally see photos of her beau on Instagram.

The latest photos of the two of them together are in Cancun, relaxing at the beach.

Rick has one kid from his previous relationship.

Quick Bio Facts

Age: 28
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: 52 kg
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Brunette
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Parents: Juan Varona (father) and Maria Varona (mother)
Siblings: N/A
Education: Law school graduate (Miami Dade College)
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Religion: Christianity
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Favorite Food: Italian
Favorite Color: Pink and White
Favorite Destination: Miami
Net Worth: > $400k



The 28-year-old Instagram model and influencer, Angie Varona, had to overcome many difficulties in her life to become a successful entrepreneur.

Her depression and suicidal thoughts are connected with the scandal she got herself into when she was a teenager. Not knowing the consequences of sharing nude content of her body, Angie managed to overcome the frightening period of her life, with support from her family and friends.

Today, Angie is a successful social media influencer who regularly shares interesting content on Instagram and Twitter.

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