Brooke Daniells

Brooke Daniells’ cause of fame is the most controversial, because of her relationship with a woman. Being a lesbian, she confidently expressed herself as such. Right now, Daniells is partnered with Catherine Bell and has a luxurious lifestyle.

As is the case with lifestyles opposite to heterosexual, there is usually a lot of interest; the same goes in the case of Brooke. She also holds some mystery in her life. To know the details of her life, carry on reading!

Brooke Daniells’ Bio

Brooke Daniells


Brooke Daniells’ birth date is registered as July 30, 1970. She has the same birthplace and place of residence, Tomball, Texas, in the USA. Michael Daniell is Brooke’s father and Valerie Chachere Daniell is her mother. She has a brother, Michael, and a sister, Cassady. She attended Sam Houston State University and obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology there. The actor’s father was a photographer and her affection for her father started her interest in photography. She started to take photographs also. She squares aesthetic pieces through the lens of her camera.


Brooke Daniells went through a bad relationship with her husband and eventually terminated it. From this unstable relationship, she bore two children, Dane and Chapel.

In 2012, Brooke Daniells met Catherine Bell, the famous American actress. Brooke worked in the psychiatric institution, a Death Museum, in California. Fate created her a chance to meet Catherine there. Their shared common affairs and interests united the two.

Catherine Bell herself was recently divorced at the time. This brave couple announced their relationship to the world. Since then, they have shared a meaningful relationship. Catherine is the mother of two gorgeous children, Gemma, and Ronan, but this fact didn’t hinder her bond with Brooke Daniells. Both, together with their children, stay in the same house.


Daniells has varied career lines . She is a brilliant photographer, in conjunction with being an event planner. Not only is her talent in photography, but she is also a spectacular actor and Scientologist. Besides that, she has also used her vivid imagination and great skills in story writing, for movies and producing them. Her firm religious faith magnetized her to Scientology and she invested her time in Psychiatry, at the Death Museum in California. In 1991, her tremendous acting flair was aired through the TV sitcom Sugar and Spice. The credit for her first acting break goes to the beloved spouse, Catherine Bell.

Immediately after her success in Sugar and Spice, in 1992, she was filmed in the auspicious movie, “Death Becomes Her”. She was also seen in adult comedy. She was cast in 1993 for a movie, Mother of The Bride, and this proved her great talent.

In 2009, she won the crown as Miss Texas. Her commitment and passion rendered her a new ladder to success and fortunately, she clung to it. Her passion for photography lent Brooke a chance for directing, in 2010, of the movie Last Breath. She applied her sculpture skills in directing and generated fascinating replicas.

The piled-up triumphs promoted Daniells to do more in the film-making field, and she transformed into a scriptwriter and producer. The television series, L-Spice was the start of her brilliant writing skills.


Scientology is Brooke Daniells’ source of income. The net amount of Brooke’s income is estimated at $1 million. Along with this, her private property includes a 1.2 acres apartment.

The status of her partner, Catherine Bell, is also commendable. Catherine has a net income of $15 million. Presently, Brooke is living with her soulmate in her house and its value is $2,050,000. In conclusion, Brooke Daniells financial status is very stable!

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