Caressa Suzzette Madden

Even when you are not a celebrity, being related to one automatically makes you one too, so, people want to know more about your personal life. This is the case with Caressa Suzzette, the second wife of the controversial basketball player, Delonte West.

Madden is a carefree spirit, airing most of her thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, whether they make sense to others, or not. Starting to like her already? We have the full package for you, from background to marriage and children and her husband, West.

Caressa Suzzette Madden’s Bio

Caressa Suzzette Madden


Madden was born in 1988, celebrates her birthday on May 13th, and is a U.S. citizen. Though outgoing, not much about her parents and siblings is known to the public, for the time being.

Relationship, Marriage, and Children

Caressa has an interesting love story with the love of her life, Delonte West. Though they met when West was at his worst, personally, their love and marriage have blossomed to date.

The lovebirds met at a friend’s house, and this is where the love story begins. The couple moved in together, not long after their first meeting, and eventually tied the knot in 2013.

The interesting bit about their engagement is that West used a jump rope as the engagement ring. Weird, right? However, West was so broke at that time that he could not afford the ring. He had one thing in mind, though, which he said aloud to his love: he was sure of the love that he had for Suzzette.

The couple welcomed their first son together in 2014, whose name is Cash. A captivating photo of the family is doing its rounds on social media, on celebrity websites, and in magazines. You will get it by just searching Delonte West’s family and going right to images.

The couple also has photos of their wedding, Suzzette’s pregnancy, and more about their happy memories.

Husband (Delonte West)

Since Delonte West is the main reason behind Suzzettes publicity, let’s have a quick glimpse at his bio.

Coming into this world on July 26th, 1983, Delonte is 37 years old, as of 2020. He was born and raised in Washington D.C., making him a U.S. citizen by birth.

Delonte started playing basketball at a young age and rose to become a figure to be reckoned with, in NBA. Tall, handsome, and talented, the player managed to secure 16 million dollars through his career as a basketball player.

Sadly, he was a poor financial manager, giving his last coin to whoever asked for it regardless, of whether they deserved it or not.

Though he was diagnosed with bipolar in 2008, his challenges seem to stem from depression and guilt over his past, according to him.

Over and above that, he has occasionally run social media with posts indicating that he is a drunkard and in a pathetic situation. He has also been involved in several police cases, the latest being at the start of 2020.

Caressa Suzzette Madden Career and Net Worth

Caressa has not disclosed her education or what she does for a living, hence, it is difficult to trace her net worth. However, we will be on top of things once we find out about this important fact.

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