Deaken Bluman

Deaken Bluman, famous for being in 13 Reasons Why, is a successful American actor. The 23-year-old featured as a gay actor in the movie, which he did perfectly, to the extent that people questioned his sexuality in real life.  More surprisingly, for a person with his acting history, he only started posting on Instagram in 2019. Are you a martini fan? Deaken will keep you company enjoying the drink as a drinking buddy.

Anyway, you are up for a surprise about his sexuality and relationship, his adventurous career, net worth, and much more.

Deaken Bluman’s Bio

Deaken Bluman

Birth and Background

Deaken was born in 1996, on January 2nd. He hails from California, from a town known as Sun City. So, he is American by birth and of white ethnicity.

Unfortunately, Bluman, like most celebrities today, keeps his family background private. Neither his parents nor his siblings are in the limelight, despite his fame.

To boost his acting career, he studied acting at Mt. San Jacinto College, which is in California, U.S.A., his home state.

Height, Weight, and General Looks

Deaken is tall and slender at 5 ft 8 inches tall. His weight is good at approximately 68 kgs, so, he is of medium build.

He has dark curly hair, which he keeps unkempt and medium length in all his posts and even as a movie character.  His eyes are black, as well, completing his rather handsome look.

Sexuality, Relationship, marriage and Children

In 13 Reasons Why, Deaken plays Winston William, a gay student in the Hillcrest School.  He brought out the character so well that it is easy to mistake him for gay in real life.

Interestingly, Deaken is not only straight but also married. Therefore, there is no apparent reason for saying that he probably is bisexual. He has a pretty Swedish lass for a wife, named Elin Bluman.

Elin is a model and social media personality who is outgoing and a party girl. The couple met at a mutual friend’s birthday party, from where they started their beautiful love relationship.

They sealed their love with a colorful wedding in 2018, so they have been married for over two years now.

Nevertheless, the couple does not have kids as yet. Also, Deaken does not have other kids outside of the marriage, and neither does he have step-kids.


Deaken sparked his acting career at a young age, featuring in First Love and also Fall into Me. He was a minor character in the two films, but they were the prerequisites for his big debut. As a matter of fact, in Fall into Me, he was a replacement character for the minor character, Michael.

Before these two films, he also appeared in shorter TV films, such as Americana and Lion’s Den.

In 2017, he featured in 13 Reasons Why as the main character, and the movie saw him go global. As Winston William’s character in the movie, he is gay and has a boyfriend, Monty. When Monty is killed in Season 3, Winston decides to take the investigations into his hands privately, emerging as a top character that fans followed. He is the main character in Season 4 of the high school TV series.

Net Worth of Deaken Bluman

As a top-rated character in a big movie series, plus more, Deaken is worth well over one million US dollars as of 2021.

A Member of Black Lives Matter?

Though Deaken Bluman started posting on Instagram actively in August 2019, he amassed numerous followers quickly. Today, he has close to half a million followers on the social media account. After the first post, he became a constant visitor of the account, often feeding his fans with most of his activities and what he is up to.

On that account, he used his popularity to ally himself with the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM). The movement came up as a result of the unjust death of George Floyd, brutally murdered by the American police.

Bluman posted photos of himself in the rallies, which he attended with his wife, Elin Bluman.

Other Lesser Known Facts About Deaken Bluman

  • He is into traveling, a hobby that he and his wife relish. Luckily for the couple, their careers ensure that their hobby constantly materializes.
  • Despite being purely white, he clearly is no racist, courtesy of his involvement with the Black Lives Matter protests.
  • The young actor never misses an opportunity to watch basketball and is a big fan of the most prominent basketball players.
  • While he posted on Instagram quite late for a man of his caliber, he started using Twitter earlier and spreads many positive vibes through his account.
  • Deaken is a part-time model, gigs he gets for his cute vibes, good looks, and, obviously, his popularity.

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