Eden Mor

In a world where there are numerous actors and actresses, it is not easy to stand out. However, a single peculiar feature, act, personality, or character could make all the difference. With Eden Mor, her outstanding figure, with a large bust, is her savior.

Mor quickly gained recognition and did not struggle to join the film industry, shortly after starting as a model.

Eden Mor’s Bio

Eden Mor

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Birth, Hometown, and General Background

Eden hails from Haiti, which is located in Israel. She was born in 1984 and celebrates her birthday on 28th June. Neither her parents nor her siblings are in the public eye, as she has kept the information private.

The lass has brown hair, which typically blends in naturally with her dark brown eyes. She keeps her long hair, which is wavy and thick, flowing down.

Eden went to Haiti High School, and though she is a University graduate, there is no information yet about where she studied. (We will update you soon, so don’t be too disappointed).


Eden Mor started her career as a model, where she shone, without a doubt. She was quite outstanding, with a small body, yet possessing a conspicuous bust. Actually, her bust measurements are 44 inches, while her small waist measures 29 inches, finishing off with a hip size of 40 inches.

Due to her plus-sized bust, she had the opportunity to join the movie, XL Girls. Amazingly, even among her fellow XL Girls actresses, her figure still stood out. This added to her popularity, and with popularity, a model’s career heightens. She features in several commercials in Israel, courtesy of her fame.

On top of the two lucrative careers, Mor is also a talented photographer. She posts photos of herself in different places and unique nature photographs of places she visits.

So, up till today, she still does both acting and modeling. She also has a large following on her social media accounts and is proud of her looks.

Net Worth

Mor earns from both acting and modeling. Though we may not have her exact figures, her monthly income is approximately twenty-five thousand US dollars. Her general net worth is still under review.

How Tall is Eden Mor?

Eden stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall, which is quite tall for an Israeli girl.

What is Eden Mor’s Weight?

Eden Mor weighs around 64 kgs, which complements her 5’9” height. She has an attractive figure, typically what you would refer to as an hourglass figure and what fashion houses look for in a perfect model.


Mor loves traveling whenever she’s free, and her career favors this passion because she has to travel for work as well. Check her on Instagram at edenmor8 for irresistible captions.

As mentioned, the 36-year-old is also into photography, a hobby that blends well with travel lovers. Over and above that, she is an avid reader, which could be difficult to balance with photography, when traveling.

Relationship, Marriage, and Children

As of January 2021, Eden Mor is still single. There are no records on her dating life, which means that no one knows whether or not she has ever dated.

Moreover, her sexual orientation is not known, neither is any of her other, quite personal, information.

She has no children yet, making the matter even more curious. However, we are waiting for a possible interview with the model on the same social media account.

Lesser Facts about Eden Mor

  • She has a cool attitude in all her photos, with her beautiful eyes adding to the serenity of the photos.
  • Pink is her favorite color for her clothing, apparent in most of her captions.
  • She has a don’t-care attitude, a free spirit, as some would put it.
  • She is easy to love and interact with.
  • Her alluring beauty and talent are her strongest weapons in her demanding and dynamic career, keeping in mind that her figure is quite conspicuous and rare in the industry.
  • She uses Cancer as her zodiac sign and believes in astrology.

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