Dorýs Madden

Dorýs Madden with Julius Erving

Dorýs Madden is married to one of the most famous names in NBA, Julius Erving. She is actually younger and more youthful than her husband, who could have the same age as her grandfather. At this point, you surely have pondered whether their dating stage was as “smooth” as it was.

Well, the media did not allow it to. Madden and her husband faced a lot of rumors and criticisms about their relationship. Madden is actually one of those celebrities who ended up with someone a generation older than her..

Dorýs Madden with Julius Erving

Dorýs gained her fame from being married to Julius Erving, one of the most legendary basketball players. The couple has been together for nearly twenty years already. They have continued to live a happy marriage despite their age difference. There are plenty of rumors and unpleasant controversies that the young woman only married the NBA star for his lavish lifestyle and wealth.

Nevertheless, despite all the critics and the kind of image the media had projected to the public, Madden remained faithful to their marriage by being a good wife. The couple had tied the knot in 2008. This was after Julius Erving had divorced his ex-wife. The NBA star seems to have lived a happy, peaceful, and contented life with his kids and wife.

They were caught, by the media and paparazzi, hanging out in different places and luxurious destinations. They have also been caught spending family time together on the basketball court. Moreover, Dorýs and Julius went to several parties and events together, and the basketball player does not deny or shy away from any questions and conversations about his love life. Julius did not fear the pangs of social media.

Dorýs Madden’s Bio

Early Years

Not much is known about the childhood years of Dorýs Madden since she keeps her personal life private. However, it is said that her birthday is around October.  But the exact day and year of her birth is still unknown.

Dorýs Madden’s Marriage & Family

When Dorýs Madden exchanged vows with Julius Erving, both already had two children each. The couple had their first baby, Jules Erving, before Julius Erving got divorced. Then in 2003, the couple welcomed their second baby, Justin Kangas, after the divorce. Justin Kangas is now seventeen years old.

Several years later, Dorýs Madden gave birth to another child. Her name is Julietta Erving. Their children rarely expose their personal lives in the media. They were encouraged to keep their educational attainment, lifestyle, and all other personal aspects of their lives, away from the media’s exposure. Nevertheless, the whole family’s contentment with their semi-private and peaceful lives is very evident during social gatherings and interviews.

Net Worth

She enjoys a $30 million net worth. Who would not expect that? She is the wife of an NBA legendary star. Thus, everyone is sure to conclude that the couple’s marriage would entail a marvelous and lavish lifestyle; but the lifestyle adjustments would be a lot more impactful on Dorýs Madden’s side.

Dorýs Madden, who is now Mrs. Erving, has been enjoying a thirty-million-dollar net worth while living in a million-dollar New York mansion. Well, before she got married to Julius Erving, she sustained herself with her job as a retail seller in Florida. But since their marriage, Dorýs Madden helps Julius in running his businesses.

She loves spending her money on designer clothes, expensive accessories, luxurious cars, and grand vacation trips. She is indeed a shopaholic. Aside from helping her husband run hotels and manage several other businesses, Dorýs is also involved in several charitable activities, together with Julius.

More About Her Husband

Julius Erving, one of the most famous names in NBA, had a career that allowed him to launch an idyllic lifestyle. With determination and focus, he played and leaped above his limits.

He multiplied his previous net worth by being successful in his sports career and launching several businesses. Right now, he is already seventy years old and has decided to quit playing. Despite the decision to end his basketball journey, he still has plenty of responsibilities in his businesses and personal life.

After five years of dating, the romantic couple got married. Both exchanged vows during a lavish wedding event in 2008. With that news being all over the media, their age gap triggered a lot of critics on the Internet. A lot of people labeled Dorýs Madden as a gold digger because, according to them, she only married the NBA star, who is nearly her grandpa’s age, for wealth.

Media Image

She received a lot of negative publicity and comment on various social media platforms and mainstream media outlets. However, despite the negative comments about her, she has consistently remained silent about the issues thrown at her. She believes that the criticisms and backlash she received from the Internet were not worthy of her attention. She knows she is happy and content with her loving husband and wonderful family

Being married to a retired NBA player has its own perks. Wealth was not an option for her as it certainly was a destination. Her marriage with Julius allowed her to break free from all her financial worries. From being a worker at a retail dealership to being an NBA player’s wife, Madden surely has the kind of life everyone wants to live. She was able to sustain her children’s expensive demands too and send them to prestigious schools.

Final Words

In today’s modern world, marrying a celebrity would expose you to critics and public scrutiny. The media gives everyone consent to express their disappointments and opinions on the Internet. However, in the case of Dorýs Madden, she kept her story untold and private to avoid being swayed by people’s comments.

Dorýs Madden generally keeps her personal life away from the media. She refuses to answer very personal questions about her love life too. That is why the Internet does not have much information and storyline about her businesses and daily activities.


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