Reggie Miller Sister’s Bio

If games, especially legendary American basketball, are your thing, then Reggie Miller should be a name that rings a bell. You must know that he is a renowned legend in the basketball field, given the many shots and trophies he won. Nevertheless, this would be almost a shadow compared to his sister, who was the best, even the high school administrators admitted.

Reggie Miller Sister’s Bio

So, we sourced some facts that you definitely must know about Reggie Miller Sister, Cheryl Miller.

Reggie Miller Sister - Cheryl Miller

Cheryl Miller Background

Cheryl Miller was welcomed to this world on 3rd January, in 1964, in Riverside, which is in California, USA. She hails from a family that has an undeniable talent in the sports field, and this is a clear indication of the career all her siblings chose.

She is a sister to Darell Miller, Reggie Miller, and Tammy Miller. Reggie is a name to reckon with in NBA, while Darell chose his path with baseball and brought additional pride to his family. While everyone expected little Tammy to follow his siblings’ course, she decided to venture into her own sports career. She is a volleyball, and exceptionally great at that.

Basketball Career

The 56-year-old realized her career at a very young age, and Reggie has been quoted saying that she beat him when they were younger.

Cheryl was a member of Riverside Polytechnic High School Basketball, where she led her team to numerous wins and trophies. In 1981, she won the Dial Award, which is meant for the year’s high school athlete.

Moreover, she was named All-American for four consecutive times in high school, between 1979 and 1982. Note that this was the first time anyone had such a record as this, even male basketballers.

That was not enough; she won the year award player twice, in 1981 and 1982. By then, she was already averaging 32.5 points, not to mention the 15.0 rebounds in one game.

At the University of Southern California, Cheryl peaked her basketball career. Adding to her achievements, she won the best player in women’s college basketball, Naismith Award, then a Gold Medal in 1985.

Later after school, she joined the American Basketball team and continued leading the team to fame, as always. In 1995, she was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame, bringing her career to a grand climax.

In 1993, she became a basketball coach at the University of Southern California.

These are just a few of the numerous achievements that the female role model achieved.

Broadcasting career

On-campus, Cheryl had pursued a degree in communications, with which she graduated. Thus, it was not out of order when she later decided to venture into broadcasting. She was a reporter with NBA’s TNT Sports. She later joined Turner Sports, where she was a sports analyst as well as a sports reporter.

She has also occasionally served as a commentator in the basketball field.

Net Worth

Miller is approximated to be over five million dollars net worth, earned through her record-breaker career.

Relationship, Marriage, and Career

Cheryl has successfully kept her personal life private, but there is no news about her boyfriend. She is not married yet and has no kids as of 2020.

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