Facts You should know about Julie Chrisley’s Food Recipes

The digital cooking show of Julie Chrisley – What’s cooking with Julie Chrisley won the Synopsis Short Form Video Festival Award for Best “Series Instructional.”

Julie Chrisley

Who is Julie Chrisley?

Julie Chrisley is the second wife of Todd Chrisley. She had three children together with Todd Chrisley. The name of her children is Chase, Savannah, and Grayson.

Julie Chrisley’s food recipes

Julie Chrisley cooks three course of meals a day for her family. She is an enthusiast chef for the past twenty years for her family. She invites fans as she prepares some of her and her family’s favorite recipes. Her recipes mix her southern roots with current trends. Her recipes feed the soul and comfort the heart.

She can prepare chocolate chip bread to chicken dumpling homecooked.

In season one of the series, she invited her family members to assist her in preparing the dishes. In season two, she invited professional chefs to teach her how to make a healthier version of the recipes liked by her family.

Why was this series launched?

USA Network launched this series strategically to have control over the attention and traffic of the show Chrisley Knows Best. The web series was launch on a customized landing page where fans could save and share a gallery of recipe cards for future use.

In the second season, many changes were made in the custom microsite to enable users to find the kinds of recipes they wish to such as entrees, appetizers, desserts, sides, etc.

These webisodes are also available on the YouTube channel Chrisley Knows Best. It was also launched on the blueprint website, making new audiences, new platforms, and new fan bases. It will help to bring new eyeballs to the series.

The bottom line 

What’s Cooking With Julie Chrisley has become one of the top features on the website of Chrisley Knows Best. In between season one and two, the series grew 52%. Fans loved the series, shared videos, prepared Julie’s recipe in their own home, and again asking for more recipes.

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