Great News! Project IGI-3 Is in Development for 2021 Release!

Have you heard the new news? Toadman Interactive, in alliance with Artplant, has finally declared that they are working on the development of their latest project, the IGI-3. They have also given us a release year, which is 2021, and fans are going crazy about it!

The first IGI was released in the year 2000 on December 8th and was considered to be one of the best FPS (First Person Shooting) games of that generation.

How Do We Know about the Release?

For almost 14 years, there has been no update or leaked information on the IGI’s third sequel.

That was until recently, when Toadman Interactive’s CEO, Mr.RobinFlodin, called a press conference. In that conference, he had stated with great excitement and enthusiasm about the prototyping of the IGI-3.

Healso announced the release of a video teaser! According to him, the teaser contains glimpses of the prototype, which will be going through further improvement during development.

They did this to receive proper feedback from their fans in the early developing stages of the game. So, if you are an IGI fanatic, then you can also play a big role in the making of the game.

What to Expect from the New Game?

Right of the bat, you can expect amazing graphics. As we all know, their most recent game, Immortal: Unchained, has breathtaking graphics. And, we can expect the same for IGI-3. If not the same, then better!

The game play of the game will feel much more real and logical. Furthermore, the game will highly focus on stealth and will generally provide a much better gaming experience than its previous sequels.

Final Words

If you have been waiting for the third addition to the IGI franchise. Then wait for two more years, and your hopes of playing the IGI-3 will come true.

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