Hank Jefferies

Hank Jefferies is a chip off the old block and the only son of the American Australian comedian, Jim Jefferies. The young champ was born on November 7, 2012, to a Canadian mother and an Australian father. He does possess a spitting image of his mother: Kate Luyben, an actress.

Hank Jefferies’s Bio

Jim Jefferies with his son Hank Jefferies

Hank, currently seven years of age, enjoys the undivided love of his mother and his father. His parents were never legally married, but two lovebirds with incredible attraction between them. His parents are now separated thou, but the duo has joint custody of the boy. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Hank lives comfortably at the expense of his parent’s wealth.

Unlike most kids from separated parents, Hank Jefferies has a good relationship with his father. Often times, you would hear his father, Jim Jefferies, featuring Hank in some of his jokes. And, despite being raised by an Australian father, Hank has a very amazing American accent. One that would make you wanna lick his lips.

And, even at a tender age, Hank has shown himself to be one rugged critic. His father once confessed to the press that Hank attached him regarding a funny billboard of him on LA’s Sunset Boulevard. That’s quite a challenge, thou.

Hank Jefferies shows a lot of interest in watching movies in his spare time. Fun fact – One of the movies he cherished is the movie titled “Wonder Woman.” Aside from watching movies, Hank loves to watch his father’s stand up from the wings.

Another interesting part of Hank Jefferies life- he does not joke one bit with chicken. When it comes to chicken, Hank can eat you out of house and home. Not surprising thou because most kids of his age love eating chicken.

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