Harry Potter: Why Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Might Not Be a Movie Ever?

After the release of Fantastic Beasts, many viewers have been wondering what it would be like if there was a new something regarding the Wizard World franchise. Especially, people want a continuation of what happens in the future regarding the series.

And after several stage plays of the Book-8 in Harry Potter’s story, called Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, many fans want a continuation of the Harry Potter series.

Not only that, but several stages also play all around the world are currently being carried out. Plus, it has been said that two more cities are about to begin the shooting process in a year’s span. And the ticket sales have begun that are only likely to grow, due to the huge desire of one of the best broadway shows in the theatre business.

With such commotions going on, it is natural for you to wonder if a film adaptation for this show would light up the idea in a director’s mind. Well, it is quite obvious that it hasn’t, and if you are wondering why, let me answer that!

You see, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child has been stage played in the West from July 2016, and the rights have been confined to Jack Thorne, an award-winning playwright. It is the sole reason that there isn’t any adaption regarding the story.

Plus, if you are a true fan of Harry Potter, then you should remember that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (the book) has done a much better job in tying up all stories regarding Harry Potter and his family. Which is now beating numerous other movies and thus, reduces the chances for an adaption to surface ever.

However, in April, J.K. Rowling invited Warner Bros. for a little gathering at her place. This, in turn, made fans think that they had gathered to discuss the possibilities of a new series or movie adaptation of the Cursed Child.

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