LUCIFER Season Six? Showrunners Are Nearing Deal to Continue Netflix Series


    If you are a frequent Netflix user, then we are quite sure that you have binged or have at least heard of the action-full, drama-tastic series, Lucifer.

    The series is literally the devil walking the Earth and portraits how all the Earthly influences are effecting the fallen angel. And speculations say, there is going to be a final season (season-6) for the series.

    And, the runners of Showrunners, Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson, have signed up all the previous cast members from the show (informed by TV Line). Nonetheless, there is a catch. The lead of the show Tom Ellis has yet to be signed for the last season.

    Warner Bro. Television and Ellis are still talking regarding the matter and, the series has a 5th season on the way. So, we can be hopeful of seeing our favorite charming, detective-slash-devil back in the show. Also, if you are wondering if there is going to be a season five, then we have good news regarding that as well.

    Though a proper release date hasn’t been disclosed, however, the season 5 will contain 16-episodes and will be in two blocks of eight. Therefore, you can be excited about season 5 and, also, gives Netflix the time to strike a deal with the devil.


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