Horizon Zero Dawn 2: The Probability of PC Release and Other Rumors!

Horizon Zero Dawn had amazing graphics, which gave the game a realistic touch. Now that we know about the release of PS5, we can consider the chances of seeing the second sequel of the game.

The game focuses on an era that took place after an apocalyptic event. After the event, robotic creatures are running along the Earth, and when you play the game, you’d have to deal with them as you unravel the secrets on how such creatures arrived in the first place.

Hence, it will be fun if there is a new sequel to the game in the PS5.

Is There Going to Be a Horizon Zero Dawn 2?

For now, we don’t have any hard evidence, as neither Sony nor Guerrilla Games have declared any official verdict regarding HZD-2. But we have speculations that they have been signing up employees for the development of the second sequel of the game.

Release Date

Like the previous game of the Horizon Zero Dawn franchise, which was released when the PS4 was launched. It is safe to suspect that Sony will pull the same move again. So in 2020, when PS5 is released, there is a chance that we will be seeing the Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

More Speculations on the Horizon Zero Dawn 2

Recently, the voice actor from Horizon Zero Dawn has slipped out a valuable piece of information about her recent contract with Guerrilla Games. Janina Gavankar had recently visited the Star Wars convention.

There she said, ” wait till you see the next sequel, you’re gonna die,” which is the closest to a confirmation that we have gotten so far.

Furthermore, the first game had sold around 10 million copies, and it is safe to say that Sony and Guerrilla can expect the same feedback on the next game. So, there is a high chance that they won’t miss out on that opportunity.

Also, there are some interesting rumors about the game. We heard theories that Alloy will be back in the second game, and we will be seeing new tribes. Plus, there will be further DLC (Down Loadable Content) of the game that will allow better and more interesting extensions for the game.

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