IPL 2020 News: More Night Matches in Pipelines as BCCI Plan to Lengthen IPL Duration

Recently, the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) has stated that they want teams to play a single match in a day. So from now on, could only be a single match played per day throughout the whole IPL session?

Here Is Why They Have Decided to Do So

The news was sourcedfrom Indian Express, which states that BCCI intends to fully utilize their new two-month contract and have been making schedules accordingly.

Also, recently, the environmental condition of India have plummeted downwards, and players are having severe difficulties playing in such extreme heats, especially at 4 PM.

Another reason is that the next match can only start if the previous has ended. So, the idea of one match per day eliminates that hassle. Furthermore, it allows players more time to rest, practice, and prepare for the upcoming matches.


BCCI has stated that they will be moving their matches to 7 PM. The recent statement, “There is a plan in place of playing more games at night. If it is passed, each team will have to play only one game in the afternoon,” confirms that they are taking adequate measures for the plan to become a reality.

They have also added, “Teams who play in the north face heatwaves and the conditions get more difficult. There is a plan of using all 60 days instead of wrapping up the IPL in 45 days. The IPL GC has to approve it,” which adds further weight tohow seriously they are dealing with the concept.

But there is one slight problem! If the planis granted, then there is a chance that it will clash with the timing of the World Cup. And, that could be the sole reason for the BCCI to reconsider.

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