Hud Mellencamp Bio

Hud Mellencamp

Hud Mellencamp was born on April 27, 1994, in the USA. He associates with the horoscopic star Taurus.

Hud is the son of the John Mellencamp and Elaine Irwin Mellencamp. His father is a figure o reckon within the music industry, while his mum is a model.

Hud Mellencamp Siblings

He has four siblings, 3 sisters and one brother. The sisters are Michelle, Teddi Jo and Justice Mellencamp. The brother is Speck, who is younger than him.


He weighs 74.84kgs, equivalent to 165lbs. As for the height, the croon is 1.8 meters tall, that is, 5’11 feet.

School Life

He was a history major in school.

In high school, he was a great boxer with Golden Gloves team.

He joined Duke’s football team in college, where he played as defense and later wide receiver. Though he was totally an amateur in football when he first joined, his passion and swiftness in running won him retention in the team.

Court Charges

Hud Mellencamp has landed himself in court issues at least a couple of times.

Hud and Speck got into a sibling fight in 2013, which was public hence even published. They were later charged with felony battery.

In 2014, Hud was charged with illegal alcohol drinking. However, he got away with this, after his lawyer promised to help Hud seek rehab help.

These cases were both published, putting Hud’s already public name out there.

Parting Shot

Hud Mellencamp is well-known due to his famous background. Both his parents, John and Elaine Mellencamp, are successful and talented stars in their respective careers. He is the firstborn of his mother and the fourth born of his father.

Though charged in a court of law twice, the rising young money says he learns and improves his behavior by day. All he needs is what we all want, a chance to prove himself a better man.

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