Ranae Shrider

Shrider, a former actress, and model gained much of her popularity when she sparked off a love affair with the late Verne Troyer. Verne Troyer was a dwarf actor who had a large following, especially after the Austin Powers movie release, where he played a lead role as Mini-Me.

Ranae Shrider’s Bio

Ranae Shrider

Rings a bell? So, let’s find out more about the relationship between the 5’6 ft lass and the 2’8 ft former actor, and more.

Ranae Shrider’s Background

Ranae first saw the light of the world on 22nd September 1985 and is of American nationality. Her parents’ information is not known, but Shrider is her family name.

Ever since she was a kid, all she wanted was to be a renowned actor, a dream that forced her to move from Kentucky, her hometown, to Los Angeles.

Career and Net Worth

Essentially, Ranae moved to L.A. to get an acting opportunity. However, things did not go her way, and she had to get a job as a waitress to foot her bills.

Given her attractive looks and amazing height, she landed several modeling gigs, as she worked at a hotel. On top of that, she managed several acting roles, and though minor, they gained her some popularity.

Her net worth, from acting and modeling, approximates to around 100,000 US dollars, as of 2020.

However, neither her acting career nor her modeling episodes gave her the popularity she gained when she started dating the famous bald actor, Troyer.

Relationship with Troyer

In 2007, she went to a New Year’s Eve party at a friend’s house. There, she met Verne, and the two started off their love journey. Within a month of dating, the lovebirds were already moving in together. By then, Ranae was 22, while Troyer was 38 years old.

Troyer was already famous, landing amazing opportunities with films that had dwarf roles. Some of the films he featured in, include Celebrity Wife Swap, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, The Love Guru, and Jingle All the Way, just to mention a few.

However, in 2008 Ranae called the relationship quits, quoting the reason behind the separation as the man being too self-obsessed. He would boss her around the house and often be rude to her.

To boom it up, Troyer had filmed the two of them having sex, without Ranae’s knowledge. Things got out of hand when the video leaked onto the internet, stolen from the privacy of his home.

Ranae could not stand the relationship any longer, so she left. Nevertheless, we cannot deny the fact that the video that was going viral increased her popularity even more than her relationship with the actor.

In 2018, Troyer passed away, with the possible cause of death being suicide.

Ranae Shepherd

Today, Ranae has adopted the surname Shepherd, since she is currently married. She met her husband in 2011, at a church function, and in 2013, the couple made their vows.

Other than that, she has forsaken her acting career to dedicate her life and time to church work. Together with her husband, they serve at CityLight Church. The church is situated in Burbank, California, USA.

According to the former actor, she loves what she does today and feels more fulfilled, serving Jesus.

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