Is Michele Morrone Married?

This is the question that crowded the internet when the Italian movie 365 Days was released. After all, he is the hot actor whose romantic scenes seem so real in the film.

So, no, Michele Morrone is not married. He is divorced, hence, currently single and probably searching. However, the handsome actor, that so many women, and probably men, are head over heels in love with, has two sons and is a proud father at that.

Is Michele Morrone Married?

Marriage and Children

Michele had a 5-year blossoming marriage to Rouba Saadeh, an attractive and accomplished fashion designer from Italy. They were married in 2014 but sadly had divorce papers running in 2018.

The divorce affected Michele so badly that he drowned in depression. He even left the acting career and went broke, to the extent that he worked as a gardener to earn a living.

Nevertheless, the actor is grateful that the marriage gave him two cute kids, his sons. The firstborn is Marcud Morrone, while the second was named Brado Morrone. It is amazing how much he adores the kids, and even stated in an Instagram post that they are his life.

Recovery from Depression

With the release and success of 365 Days, it is evident that the actor is back and with a bang. He even stated that he’s ready for a Bollywood film in the days to come.

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