Jesse Wellens’ Daughter: Everything You Need to Know About Her


Five years ago, Jesse Wellens found himself in the limelight when he announced that he had a secret, long-lost daughter. The announcement came just a few weeks after he and his then-girlfriend, Jeana Smith, broke up.

Jesse Wellens’ Daughter

Who is Jesse Wellens?

Jesse Wellens gained popularity through his YouTube channel, named PrankvsPrank, which he founded together with his then-girlfriend, Jeana Smith. The channel follows the couple’s pranks with each other, and it has earned over 1.8 billion views and 10.2 subscribers, as of 2017.

Jesse Wellens’ Daughter

On May 23, 2016, Jesse Wellens revealed in a Twitter thread, that he had a secret daughter and urged his fans to help him find his child, who was put up for adoption many years ago. He said that although he had never met his child, he had been thinking of her, and he wanted to come clean about it to the public.

He provided some basic information about his child. Apparently, her name is Luchia, and she would be around 18 years old by now. This means that Wellens had her when he was only 19 or 20 years old. He also added that she was adopted by a family based in New York City.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information that he shared in his tweets. He hopes that his fans will help him find his daughter based on the information he provided.

Wellens received an overwhelming amount of support following his revelation. However, some people speculated that he was only doing it as a prank. But when asked if his announcement was a prank, he confirmed that she indeed exists and the post is not a part of any prank, although the tweets about her are now deleted.

The Aftermath

A few months after revealing that he has a secret, long-lost daughter, Wellens uploaded a vlog entitled “My Daughter Story.” In this vlog, he answered questions from his fans about his announcement.

In this video, he said that his ex-girlfriend got pregnant when he was 19, just before he entered the military. However, he was only made aware that he would become a father after his training at the bootcamp, and he said that he welcomed the responsibility wholeheartedly.

During that time, Wellens planned on training in the police academy, but he got a hint that he might not be the only one suspected of being the father of the unborn child because his ex-girlfriend had cheated on him. Thus, there’s only a 33.3 percent chance that the child was actually his.

He said in the video that the idea that he had a daughter out there and that she does not know about her real dad bothers him a lot. Unfortunately, there is no follow-up information on whether Wellens found the child and if he is really her father.


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