Jill Rhodes

Born and bred in Alabama, Jill Rhodes is famous for being the wife of Sean Hannity for over 20 years. They got married in 1993 and welcomed their first child 6 years later. In 2002, they added another child to their family and had her named Merri Kelley.

Jill Rhodes – Facts You Should Know

Jill Rhodes

Jill Rhodes showed herself a good wife when she stood for her ex-husband in controversial issues, including sexual harassment accusations. When she’s not working, she offers Sean her support outside the public eye or looking after their home in Oyster Bay. The duo had strong chemistry right from the first day their paths crossed in Alabama.

Sean was at Alabama working on his first radio gig when he met Rhodes, a political columnist for Huntsville Times as at that time. Amidst lots of opposition to their union, they pressed the button and started a family.

Jill moved from Alabama to stay with her New Yorker husband, and Sean dedicated his first book to her in 2002. He said he was blessed to have her in his life. Sadly, the once happy relationship hit the rock a few years ago, and they went their separate ways.

But the silver lining is that Jill Rhodes had a name for herself in Journalism other than been Sean Hannity’s wife. Want to know more? Keep reading.

Rhodes had a degree in Journalism from the University of Alabama and a degree in theology at Liberty University. She took up her first Journalism job by working as a political columnist for Huntsville Times.

After she moved to New York with her husband, she was a book editor somewhere in Manhattan for a short term. Jill Rhodes’s net worth of over $5 million proves she had a successful career even as a wife and as a mother.

She also shares some valuable assets with her ex-husband and, they include a $3.6 million mansion at Long Island, a private jet, and some other premium properties.

At 58, Rhodes still has that charming smile and a vibrant body, the same that captured her ex-husband many years ago. She’s 5 feet and 4 inches tall. Her weight? 120lbs. She got dark-colored eyes and long brown hair.

News Flash: Jill Rhodes has been a low-key person even when she was Mrs. Sean Hannity. Her regular absents at Fox News events were just a tip of the iceberg as it was later discovered that she got no Twitter account or Instagram handle.

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