Kweilyn Murphy


Kweilyn Murphy is a USA-based meteorologist, who is currently working in New Orleans for WDSU News. She usually hosts the News This Morning’s live broadcast. However, the show is repeat telecasted again at noon, so you could catch up then again if you missed it earlier. Kweilyn Murphy is especially known for her bold vocal style, excellent approach, and brilliant conversational skills. She is one of the best News report hosts in the USA.

Kweilyn Murphy’s Bio

Background and Study

Kweilyn Murphy was born in 1984, in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, USA. So, she will be 37 years old this year. Since her inception in the mainstream, she has always been relatively quiet about her personal life. Therefore, we do not have any information about her parents at all. However, we do know that she is currently unmarried and is yet to become a mother. Nonetheless, she does not talk about having a relationship with anyone at all.

Anyway, we do have some information regarding her educational background. So, to begin with, she studied in a prestigious high school in Pennsylvania. Once she had graduated there, she decided to attend the Ohio University to learn more about Broadcast Journalism. However, she also specialized in Children’s Television and English. After that, she studied at Mississippi State University and acquired the Certificate of Meteorology from there.


Before joining the legendary WDSU News, Kweilyn Murphy was working at Greenville, in North Carolina. She used to work there as a Weekend Meteorologist. Before that, she used to serve as a freelance meteorologist at the KDKA-TV, in Pittsburgh, her hometown. However, she decided to leave due to salary issues.

After being introduced to the television, very suddenly, Kweilyn Murphy had little time to steel her nerves. And she did prepare for it, perfectly, in WQED Multimedia. Here, she used to work with Mister Rogers and helped him to produce various national Doo Wop station and television production events.


According to reports, Kweilyn Murphy does not really have any hobbies. However, she likes to exercise during her spare time. She usually posts her videos and clips on Instagram, almost daily. Besides that, she also loves to read and write. She also enjoys teaching various topics, such as Professional Development and Public Communications/Speaking. Last, yet not least, she also loves to dance and is a member of Alpha Sorority and Alpha Kappa.

Facts about Kweilyn Murphy

  • Although it might not look like it, Kweilyn Murphy is quite tall. She boasts a height of around 5 feet 6 inches and weighs only 60kgs. She exercises, almost daily, so that she can stay fit.
  • Kweilyn Murphy has always been extremely private about her lifestyle and everything related to it. We do not know anything about any of her past relationships.
  • Her net worth is around USD 1 million to USD 5 million. However, all her earnings came from her career as a News Reporter and Meteorologist. However, we do not have any news regarding her salary at all.
  • Kweilyn Murphy is extremely active in the world of social media. She has an active Twitter and Instagram account where she posts daily.


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