Joey Feek

Country music will always have a place for Joey Feek, whose love and contribution to the music was indubitable. The mother of one has an impressive bio that you can’t resist but read. So, shall we get things underwater on the little details you may have missed out about Joey?

Joey Feek’s Bio

Joey Feek


Joey Feek was born as Joey Marie Martin on 9th September 1975 in Alexandria, Indiana. Thus, Joey is of American nationality.

Her parents are Jack and June Martin, and Jack has a passion for guitar and gospel music. This was probably the motivation behind Joey’s career in music.

Other than that, her family comprised three other girls and one boy, though the boy, Justin, passed away back in 1992. The sisters include Jody, Jessie, and Julie.


Joey met her love, Rory Lee Feek, at a songwriter night. Rory was a songwriter and an artist and the dual partnered to see their music career flourish. They got married in 2002 and were blessed with a baby girl, Indiana Feek, in 2014.


In 1998, Joey moved from her home place to Nashville, where she worked as a horse vet assistant. She would then attend songwriter nights in Nashville, and it was not long before she got talented men in the music world who had an interest in her talent.

In 2001, she was signed with Sony Records, where she got an opportunity to sing vocals for Braile Larsen’s Off to Join the World. In 2005, she released her single, which was delayed but was later released with Farmhouse Recordings in 2017.

She and Rory decided to form a dual for the contest Can You Duet, which brought the dual to the limelight. They came third in the competition and even got a chance to work with Sugar Hill/ Vanguard Records.

Here, the couple released three albums and later banged into the industry with five more. Amazingly, some of the songs made it to the Top 30 Hot Country Songs

During her Cancer treatment in 2015, Joey would write songs and record CDs in her hotel room with her husband’s help. Actually, they created the whole of their last CD together here, Hymns That Are Important To Us.

More interestingly, one of the hymns won the Grammy’s Award in 2016, and Joey was lucky to be in a condition to go for the Award ceremony.

Illness and Demise

In 2014, a few months after their daughter’s birth, Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer. At the first attempt, the treatment and surgery were successful, and she did not even have to go through chemotherapy or intensive surgeries.

Unfortunately, damn cancer relapsed in 2015, and this time was no time to celebrate. Every treatment was failing, and soon after, it was declared a terminal illness.

In 2016, Joey celebrated her daughter’s second birthday and had a good time on Valentine’s with Rory. She passed on on 4th March 2016, having come to terms with reality and bidding goodbye to her family.

Rory buried her in quite a private burial at their farm in Tennessee, and her story continues through her country music legacy.

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