Ruth Weinstein

Ruth Weinstein is the youngest daughter Harvey Weinstein had with ex-wife Eve Chilton Weinstein. She was born on December 31, 2002, in New York. She has four other siblings, both from her mother and her stepmother, Chapman. Ruth Weinstein also has two cousins from her father’s side by names, Sarah and Nicole Weinstein.

Ruth Weinstein’s Bio

Ruth Weinstein

The 18-year-old was yet to recover from her parents’ divorce in 2002 when her father was accused of sexual harassment.  Her father, Harvey Weinstein, was later found guilty and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, which took a turn for the worse on Ruth and her sisters (Lily Weinstein and Emma Weinstein). In fact, the three sisters went as far as disowning their father.

Ruth Weinstein has been very successful at keeping a low profile, and there hasn’t been much on the records about her personal life. On its face, she has some extended family both from her father’s side and her mother’s. Her paternal grandparents are Miriam Weinstein and Max Weinstein, while she got Thomas Chilton and Maude Chilton as her maternal grandfather and grandmother, respectively. Also, she has Uncle Bob Weinstein.

The shocking part? Ruth operates no social handles, and there’s barely a picture of her on the media.

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