Kai Knapp

Being the daughter of two celebrities, it does not come as a surprise that Kai Knapp is also a celebrity. Her parents are Ryan Phillippe and Alexis Knapp. She was born after her parents were already separated, hence taking her mum’s surname.

Kai Knapp Bio

Let’s dive into the details of the 9-year-old celebrity, when she was born, her parents, career, net worth and everything there is to know about her.

Kai Knapp

Kai Knapp’s Birth

Kai was actually born out of a short-term affair between Ryan Phillippe and Alexis Knapp. It was only for a summer, and when they separated, the two did not even know that they had formed a little one.

Nevertheless, despite Alexis not pressuring Ryan about it, Ryan made it to the hospital during the birth of his daughter.

This was back in 2010, and Kai came into the world the following year on July 1st, in the United States of America. Thus, technically, the girl is 9 years old.

Family and Relationships


Kai is the daughter of two actors, Ryan Phillippe and Alexis Knapp. Though born after the relationship was already over, Kai experiences the absolute love of her parents.

She lives with her mum, Alexis, and even uses her surname. Nonetheless, her dad is always there for her, giving her attention and support.

Both her parents are in their 40’s. Alexis just turned 40, while Ryan is 46 as of 2020.

Alexis Knapp is well-known, having acted as Stacie in Pitch Perfect, Alexis in the movie Project X, and even as one of the original actors in Ground Floor.

Ryan Phillippe is featured in movies such as 54, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Crash, and even 54. These are just a few of a trail of films he is in. Some are series and others are one-shot movies. Most of the films he is featured in are comics and sitcoms.


Kai has a step-sister and a step-brother, who are from her father’s previous marriage. He had been married to the famous actress, Reese Witherspoon.

Ka’s step-sister is Ava Elizabeth Phillippe, while the step-brother is Deacon Reese Phillippe. While Ava is 21 years old, Deacon is 17 years.

What is Kai Knapp Famous For?

A proud mother, Alexis posts every moment of her daughter on her social media, mostly Instagram. This way, the young girl has slowly garnered herself fans over time.

Ever since she was in her mother’s womb, Alexis fans were monitoring the pregnancy, eager for the due date. And Alexis being vivacious and pleasing to her fans, never disappointed their curiosity.

For this reason, Kai was welcomed to the world of her mother at an early age. With her mum’s over two hundred thousand fans always doting her with love comments, the girl is surely a celeb.

Bottom Line

Kai Knapp just hit 9, but she is already a celebrity. She may not own her own Instagram account, but her frequent appearance in her mum’s account is enough to bring her to the limelight.

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