Kitty Caprice


Some people recognize her by her name, Kitty Caprice, while others remember her face the minute somebody says “Wet Kitty”. Regardless of how people know her, Kitty isn’t a stranger to the porn industry.

Kitty Caprice’s Bio

Kitty Caprice

The official recordings show that she popped on the scene in 2017; however, she has been paving her way for appearing in adult movies long before that.

This hot Latina is known for her gorgeous long brown hair and hazel eyes. Her smile says it all. Kitty is ready to play in whatever scenario the director has painted for her.

Quick Info

Kitty Caprice was born in Miami, Florida. She’s proud of her roots, so that’s why her social media profiles are filled with content from her hometown.

The beautiful Latina is 5 feet 5 inches tall, while her weight is 121 pounds. Her cup size is 34C, while her waist is 28-inch. Her fans also recognize her for her beautiful behind – a 36-inch booty.

To satisfy her thousands of fans, Caprice regularly posts on Twitter. Most of the tweets’ content is photos of her posing and charming not only men, but women as well.

Apart from posting on her social media accounts, Caprice also does live cam shows.

Porn Career

Her role in porn movies is significant and evident from the hundreds of views of her videos. Kitty isn’t a picky porn actress and can work with anyone who wants to be in the porn industry. She chose this profession as she’s not shy to share even her dirtiest moves in bed.


Kitty Caprice is a porn star who charmed a platitude of viewers. Open-minded and ready to please whoever comes her way, Wet Kitty is a regular in the porn business.

The Miami-born actress is proud of her voluptuous body, so that’s why she posts many pictures of it on her social media platforms.

When she’s not shooting porn, Kitty likes to hit the beach and let everyone stare at her bikini-clad body.

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