Lindsie Chrisley

Lindsie Chrisley is the daughter of Todd Chrisley and Terresa Terry. She is presently 30 years old and the mother of Jackson Campbell. She is not a part of the USA network production television show Chrisley Knows Best.

Lindsie Chrisley’s Bio

Lindsie Chrisley

Todd Chrisley and Terresa Terry were blessed with a baby girl on the 17th of September, 1989, and named her Lindsie Chrisley. She was a part of the famous Chrisley Knows best, a television series. She has a brother named Kyle Chrisley. Her parents got divorced when Lindsie was young.


Lindsie Chrisley is famous for turning in a USA Network production about her father and the lifestyle of his family – Chrisley Knows Best from 2014 till 2017. The television series began airing on the 11th of March, 2014 and has 140+ episodes till now.

She was previously a part of the television series. She left Chrisley Knows Best television show after a strained relationship with her father.  After leaving the television show she launched Coffee Convos. A blog is also run by Lindsie named Living with Lindsie.

Love Life

In the year 2012, she married Will Campbell without the approval of her parents.  The couple’s age was 19 years during that time.  Todd Chrisley was not happy with her daughter’s decision to get married at such a young age.

After five months of their marriage, she even surprised her father with the good news of her first pregnancy. She was blessed with a baby boy named Jackson Campbell in 2013.

Lindsie got divorced from Will in 2016 but got back together in 2018. These days she is more in love with Will.

Relationship with her father

Lindsie has a strained relationship with her father. It was first strained when she decided to marry Will which made Todd unhappy. There were many other blows in their relationship since then. She was also blamed by Kyle for Todd’s and Julie’s tax evasion and other financial crimes. Later on, Todd and Julie were proved innocent and, Musa Ghanayem also stated the claims were false.

Despite all these, Lindsie was accused by Todd in a statement to E! News of having an affair with the former participants of The Bachelorette, Josh Murray, and Robby Hayes.  Further, she filed a police report against her brother and father.

Lindsie Chrisley’s plastic surgery

In 2014, she got a breast augmentation after giving birth to Jackson Campbell. Her father paid for her surgery and, it was done by Dr.Miles Gravier, who is also a good family friend of Chrisley’s.

Net Worth

According to reports, as of 2019, the net worth of Lindsie Chrisley is estimated to be $1.5 million. She was a part of the famous television show Chrisley Knows Best, and also launched Coffee Convos, alongside Teen Mom star Kaitlyn Lowry. Living with Lindsie is also a vlog run by her.

The bottom line

Lindsie Chrisley’s net worth along with all her details is available here for you to know. Get ahead with all the information about your favorite star.

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