SwaggerSouls is the name that a YouTube gamer from Idaho USA goes by. His real name is Eric, but he opts to remain anonymous as far as his surname goes.

Despite the competitive nature of YouTube gaming, SwaggerSouls still managed to stand out, garnering millions of views on his channel.

SwaggerSouls’s Bio

Let’s get down to a few facts about the 26-year-old:


Eric joined the universe on 24th February 1994 and currently resides in Idaho.

How Tall is Swaggersouls?

176.78 Or 5 feet 8 inches

YouTube Gaming Career

In 2015, at 21, the young man created his YouTube channel, where he posts his gaming ventures at least once a week. So far, he has managed well over 2 million subscriptions on the channels, with several of his work attracting millions of views.

Are you wondering how he managed to maneuver the gaming world in such a robust platform? Well, he stood out among his fellow gamers by strictly gaming with strangers. The exclusivity got many wanting to know him, drawing a handsome fanbase.

Then, in 2018, the prominent gamer finally posted a face reveal video, which went viral and draw his views to around 3.6 million. This was the highest that he had gotten so far, and it was a huge achievement on his side. From then on, his channel views continue to rise by the day.

Swaggersouls Helmet’s Pictures

Swaggersouls Helmet

Social Media

Eric always goes by the name SwaggerSouls, even on social media. Due to his YouTube popularity, he has an impressive following, even in other social media profiles. He has over 200 thousand followers on both Twitter and Instagram and ranges at 150 thousand followers on Twitch.

Swaggersouls Twitter’s ID: @SwaggerSouls

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