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Priscilla Esterline was born in 1949 and is best known for her decade-old marriage to acclaimed rock and roll singer, John Mellencamp. She was John Mellencamp’s first of his three wives. This was way before he became as famous as he is today.

They eloped and got married in 1970 when she got pregnant. Both were quite young when they married each other. Mellencamp was only 19 at the time, while Priscilla was 21. This was barely a year since John had graduated high school.

Their marriage produced John Mellencamp’s firstborn child, Michelle Mellencamp. Michelle later got pregnant in 1989 and gave birth to a daughter, Elexis Suzanne Peach. This made Priscilla and John quite young grandparents.

She and John had a divorce in 1981 after being together for over 10 years. The rock and roll star married Victoria Granucci with whom they bore two children Teddi Joe and Justice.

Priscilla has kept a low profile since her divorce. As a result, pretty much little is known about her.

The divorce is suspected to be due to John’s alleged infidelity. He went on a blind date, where he met his second wife while he was still married. Not many marriages can survive that.

Though her mother is not together with her father, Michelle has been close to her father. There’s even a throwback photo taken in 1987 of her, her stepsisters, stepmom Victoria and her father. That was about six years after the divorce.

How Many Children Does Priscilla Esterline Have?

Priscilla Esterline has one child from her marriage to John Mellencamp. Little is known on whether she remarried after her divorce. She has a granddaughter, courtesy of her daughter Michelle.

Marriage and Spouse

Priscilla is a private individual, and as a result, it is unclear whether she has a spouse or not. There hasn’t been any news of her remarrying after her divorce from John Mellencamp.

Net Worth

Her net worth is unverifiable, but we are willing to bet she received quite a reasonable settlement from her divorce. Nothing is known of whether she works or not.


From the information here, you can see that Priscilla Esterline is entirely private. She probably prefers to keep her life away from the glare of the press. Hence it is no surprise little is known about her.

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