Mathew Hagee Biography

Hagee is the head pastor of the 20,000 Cornerstone church. He is the partner of his father. Apart from being a pastor, the man is a remarkable author who has written books like “Response-Able” and “Shaken, Not Shattered”.

Mathew Hagee Biography

Mathew Hagee Age

Born on July 22, 1978 (Zodiac Sign: Cancer), he was born in San Antonio, situated in Texas.

At a very young age, Mathew confided to his father regarding his interest in evangelism. And, as an ideal father, John Hagee mentored his son. Mathew was also a bright child.

Married Life

Mathew is happily married to his beautiful and bright other-half, Kendal Hagee. She is the co-host of a renowned faith-based show (hosted by Mathew).

In addition to all that, they have four beautiful youngsters, Joel Charles, Hannah Rose, Madison Katherine and John William.


Mathew Charles Hagee’s sermons are broadcasted all over the world through radio or by the ministry.

Moreover, he is the tenor vocalist of Canton Junction. Mathew is also the owner of a music label, the Difference, which is renowned for some of the best evangelism works world-wide.

On top of all these, he is joined by Larry Stewart and David Innis, a group that is famous for country music, also known as Restless Hearts.

Matthew Hagee Net Worth

Mathew Hagee has around 950k dollars. Evangelism has provided the man with quite a wealthy life. Plus, his extraordinary songs has contributed quite a lot. Therefore, Mathew and his family live a very stable and comfortable life.


Yes, Mathew indeed has made several strong statements regarding some religions. He is also considered to be the man who has created the blood moon prophecy along with Mark Blitz. Apart from that, the man has a serious dislike for other major religions such as Islam, Jewish, etc.

He even took it a level further and has made statements, which refer that Islam promotes violence and has called the Jews “accursed, genocidally murderous half-breed Jews”. The man has even stated dangerous and controversial statements regarding rape and murder.

In short, if we are asked, a man of faith shouldn’t be spewing such hatred towards other human beings!

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