Mati Marroni

Ever had that experience when you did or said something, just for the sake of it, but then it turned out to be a big issue, positive or negative? Most of us have had that moment, so I guess that you can relate. To cut to the chase, this is what happened to the 18-year-old lass, Mati Marroni.

She had never been popular in her life because, well, she was never from a celebrity family, neither was she a child model or a sportswoman. However, a single Instagram video raised her from this to what she is today, a hot Instagram influencer.

Mati Marroni’s Bio

Mati Marroni

Are you interested in learning more about this? Let’s get the show on the road on every detail.


Marroni was born in 2002, and her exact birth date hasn’t yet been made public. More than that, neither has she disclosed her parents’ names or even whether they are still alive. In the same light, she doesn’t talk about her siblings or whether she has one either.

Nevertheless, it is clear from her profile that Mati hails from Houston, Texas, USA.

As far as education goes, the chick is still in high school, probably in her final year, considering her age.


Mati Marroni has long dark hair, which she leaves flowing, to bring about a more attractive look. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches, while her weight ranges between 59 and 63kgs.

Also, her bosom is a major reason she is in the limelight; it is large, and she doesn’t shy away from exposing it to the world. All her Instagram and Snapchat photos expose her bust and most of her body.

Generally, she displays a killer hourglass figure, which is conspicuous, given her short stature.

From the interview she just had, after her Instagram video went viral, the girl has a baby-like voice, which is even more impressive.

Social Media and the Burger Video

Essentially, the socialite is now in the limelight following her Instagram post, which attracted well over 550 thousand followers within a day.

What video was this anyway? Well, the girl likes burgers as her favorite food. On this specific day, she posted a video of herself eating a burger. But what’s the big deal about eating burgers? You’re right, just a burger wouldn’t cause that much havoc on social media, but half out bust would! Yes, the video showed the better part of her bosom to the world, which became the big attraction.

On top of that, the lass continued to feed her fans with more alluring photos, where she was half-naked, and her bosom was almost always her major asset.

Finally, she does not shy away from making a public admission that she really enjoys the attention she is getting and even wishes to have a Wikipedia section dedicated to her.

Career of Mati Marroni

She has a Fans Only subscription, where you can talk to her and watch her live at a cost that she determines, through a subscription. The subscription is her major source of income, though she also receives more from her fan base.

In the interview, she admitted that she would do anything, as long as its returns are lucrative.

Hobbies and Pets

Mati relishes traveling to different countries and cities, and being a socialite only made this better.

Also, she has a pet dog, which she loves and posts pictures of, often. She calls the dog Corazon, and it’s no secret that the little animal is cute.


Though some of her posts purport that she has a boyfriend, Mati Marroni denies having any romantic relationship, yet. Surprisingly, she said she isn’t sure that she likes boys – so could she be a lesbian? We will find out soon.

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