Megan Mcallister

Megan McAllister is an American medical doctor who practices as a physician in Illinois. She was a medical student back in 2009 at SUNY Albany.

Megan Mcallister: Facts You Should Know

Megan Mcallister

How Did She Become Famous?

Megan McAllister is best known for being fiance to infamous Craigslist suspected killer Phillip Markoff. Markoff was awaiting trial for the murder of Julissa Brissman, a woman he had met on Craigslist.

The deceased used to offer sensual massage services. Markoff supposedly signed up for a massage before murdering her in cold blood at her apartment.

Police identified him after looking at CCTV footage of the apartment where the murder occurred. It seemed to have been a robbery gone wrong as Markoff had first bludgeoned his victim with a pistol before shooting her thrice in the head.

Further ransacking of his apartment found bullets, women’s panties, and a hard drive with messages of people he spoke to on Craigslist, including those with Brissman.

Megan McAllister, like Markoff, was a medical student, and they were engaged to get married. She protested his innocence when it first emerged; he was a suspected killer

McAllister and Markoff were planning a wedding, but the murder charges threw a spanner in the works when he was arrested. Megan had come out strongly to protest his innocence, famously claiming he couldn’t hurt a fly.

However, after visiting him in prison, she ended her engagement to him. It is then that Markoff took his own life in the cell he was being held in.

He paid homage to his former fiancé by smearing her name on the prison wall and door using his blood. He also spread out photos of his former fiancée in the cell to form a rather fiendish shrine to her.

Markoff was due to stand trial for the murder and additional charges of robbery of two other women that he had also met from Craigslist.

Megan Mcallister: Where Is She Now?

Although there were claims that her fiancée’s suicide would affect her in the long run, she eventually moved on when she dumped him

Megan McAllister eventually completed her medical studies and is now a practicing physician in Naperville in Illinois.

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