Momo Sakura

Looking at most celebrities’ successful lives, we can quickly believe that they had it easy becoming famous people. Well, I don’t believe that is usually the case.  To be termed as successful in your career demands hard work and determination. In other words, it is not as relaxed a ride to be who you dream of being, but it is possible. And looking at the life of Momo Sakura is a validation of the previous statement.

She has not only excelled in her modeling career but also has proved to have admirable acting skills.

Momo Sakura’s Bio

Real name Momo Sakura
Stage name Momo
Gender Female
Date of birth December 3, 1996
Place of birth Akita, Japan
Age 24 (as of 2021)
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Profession  Actress, model

Momo Sakura

Early life and education

Sakura was born on December 3, 1996, in Akita, Japan. Unfortunately, she has chosen to remain silent about her upbringing, family members, and education. Therefore, we have fewer facts about her early life, but we promise to update soon.

However, considering how she has managed to remain calm and maintain self-respect with the challenging atmosphere in modeling, she must be an intelligent and well-disciplined lady. From most of her interviews, she seems to be an intellectual.

Body measurements

She has a fantastic figure. She stands 5 feet 3 inches tall, while her body weight is approximately 50 kilograms. Her chest, waist and hip measurements are 90-58-86 centimeters.  


Sakura also keeps her affairs out of the public eye. So far, she has managed to do so, but we hope to get to know if she is in any romantic affair soon. So far, none of her family members is known.

Career of Momo Sakura

Her profession is modeling and acting.

Reports from a reliable source claim, since she was very young, she was a great art lover. Also, besides concentrating on her education, she tried to incorporate some modeling practice. However, she was not fortunate to begin a career at a tender age, as is the case with many other actors and models.

It is said that her rise to fame was not the easiest. Even after failing in most modeling contests, nothing would cut short her desire to be a renowned model in her country. Fortunately, her determination finally bore fruit, when she won a modeling contest.

She began acting way after she had established her acting career. It shocks most people how she manages to balance two very demanding careers and yet excel in both.


Momo Sakura is an established actress and model born in Akita, Japan.  Despite the multiple challenges she faced while growing her careers, nothing could counter her resilience. She is a true epitome of determination finally paying off.

She first appeared as a model but wasn’t fortunate enough to win her first modeling contest. Luckily, she didn’t lose focus, leading to her win a modeling contest later. She began acting way after stabilizing her modeling career and steered it to greater heights.

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