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NCIS Viewers React to Rumors about Mark Harmon Leaving the Show

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All’s well that ends well. Is that a clear hint that NCIS, the most renowned show on CBS will go off the air in a short period?

Well, the lead actor of the series Mark Harmon, who is currently playing the role of Agent Leroy Gibbs on the show, talked openly about what circumstances will occur if the show reaches an unsurprising conclusion.

Here are all the signs of Harman leaving NCIS after season 17.

The Truth about Ziva Replacing Gibbs on Season 17

There has been speculation among the fans of how Ziva will oust Gibbs in an episode in season 17. The show wants Gibbs to replace by a juvenile, as he’s aging. It has also been stated that Pablo makes takeover the lead role in the season 17, till Ziva uniquely returns to the show.

Therefore, this news became even steamier in the past few weeks, as the fans are baffled by the Gibbs’ exit on season 17.

Did Harmon Talk about the Conjecture Yet?

Harmon has not stated yet about his future on NCIS. The actor’s agreement will conclude after season 17, and eventually it is not confirmed yet if he signed the contract for the next year.

Some fans started to presume that Harmon is going to depart from the show to associate with other new projects. Unfortunately, Harmon yet did not open his mouth about any of the news that is speculating among the fans. We all have to wait until the truth unfolds. Let hope spring eternal.

Fans Took over Social Media on Harmon’s Departure

Fans were devastated to the idea of Harmon’s departure in season 17. Fans expressed opinions on social media about the mixed conjectures. Some fans stated it would be amazing to showcase Ziva replacing Gibbs, while the other half showed complete disapproval to this thought.

Few demanded Gibbs be replaced with Timothy McGee (Sean Murray), although not everyone acknowledged this idea.

Despite all the rumors, fans are also eagerly waiting to see Ziva’s comeback to the show, and they cannot wait to see how she creates her story this season. On the other hand Pablo yet didn’t talk about the rumors circling Gibbs.

Season 17 is coming with a lot of twists and turns so do not forget to watch your favorite show on 24th September to put an end to all your questions.

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