Olympia Ivleva

You can’t measures a person’s greatness by how tall they stand, and Olympia Ivleva is a testament to this. Despite her unusual height, her achievements and influence elevate her high enough to be among the stars.

Olympia Ivleva’s Bio

Olympia was born on the 21st of June, 1990 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Born of a family native to Saint Petersburg, Olympia grew up exposed to Russian culture, books, and music. Her childhood, like anybody else’s, was a rollercoaster of ups and downs.

Standing at 130cm tall, Olympia was more susceptible to bullying while growing up. In an interview, she revealed how she was attacked by two high school students when she was in 5th grade. But as cruel as it may sound, this did not keep Olympia from reaching for a future full of hopes and dreams.

Molded by her bitter-sweet childhood experiences, Olympia developed her love of art, photography, and music. Despite the negative experiences she went through, Olympia remained compassionate towards everyone. Instead of hating people, she hoped to help the bullied and the bullies by pursuing a career in psychology.

She believed that flaws don’t make anybody less worthy, and she desired to work with disabled children. After spending 5 years in Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Special Pedagogy and Psychology, Olympia finally became the specialist she wanted to be.

Music Career

Being an active member in underground circles, Olympia was scouted by fellow musicians and was persuaded to give music a go, even before she had the chance to pursue her career in psychology. Olympia then became the frontwoman of the rave band, known as “Little Big.”

The band popularized songs that broke stereotypes and called out, what they perceived to be, inappropriate in the Russian culture. Although the band was considered anti-Russian, it had nothing but love for their country and they aimed to advocate for change that could potentially improve the Russian culture.

Besides being an active member of the band, Olympia tried other things related to film and music. Olympia even went as far as flaunting her body – a proud display of her uniqueness and her advocacies.

Olympia’s popularity skyrocketed, along with the band, gaining recognition outside Russia. Traveling and performing became her life until she announced her departure from the band on April 1, 2018. When asked why she left the band, Olympia said “Burn-out after doing the same job.”

Current Life

Currently, Olympia is active in several projects and is trying to pursue an acting career. She continues to inspire people through different social media platforms, by uploading artistic photographs and fun videos–proving to everyone that no dream is too big for someone who believes in herself.

As for her dating life, it is believed that Olympia has had at least one boyfriend in the past. Olympia, who will soon be turning 31, is single now. Nonetheless, just like most celebrities, it is difficult to keep track of her love life, as she tries to keep her personal life private.

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