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Phil Mattingly Wiki, Age, Height and More

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If you are a fan of CNN, then you should know Phil Mattingly! The Washington origin journalist is a congressional correspondent of CNN. And he is quite a well-known journalist of the CNN family!

Phil Mattingly Bio/Wiki

How old is Phil Mattingly?

Date of Birth December 16, 1985. So, Phil Mattingly age is 34years now as of 2020.

He was born in Ohio and is very close to them. We also know that he has a brother; however, not much has been disclosed regarding this matter.

Phil Mattingly Height

5 Feet 8 Inches

Professional Life

The journalist joined CNN in 2015 as a New York-based correspondent. One of his very noteworthy works is when he was covering the trail campaign of the Republican presidential candidates of Chris Christie, John Kasich, and Donald Trump. He did an investigative piece regarding Donald trump’s finance and history.

Initially, the talented lad was in Bloomberg Television, where he was stationed as the national political correspondent of the company. Before that, he also served as the company’s Whitehouse correspondent. During that time, he had also covered all the major presidential candidates and covered the policies of Barack Obama.

Furthermore, he had nailed down the first interview with Attorney General Eric Holder when Edward Snowden was revealed. While his tenure days, he had backed several major and remarkable interviews with some of the biggest cabinet, congressional and administration officials.

If that is not all, Phil banked an exclusive interview with a speaker for the House Paul Rayan. It is there where he discussed with great details regarding the GOP tax bill just after it has been revealed to the public.

Some of his other noteworthy works were when he covered numerous foreign administration, economics, and legal policies. Also, he was the finalist for the Scripps Howard Distinguished Service due to his coverage of the First Amendment Award by the former president, Barak Obama, on government whistleblower.

Prior to joining Bloomberg Television, Mattingly was a print reporter at Bloomberg News in Washington.

Moreover, the award-winning journalist, Mattingly has covered some serious Congress, economics and finance policies as well as has done extraordinary coverage on the United States Department of Justice, and Washington’s lobbying industry.

Also, several of Phil’s articles have been published in major platforms. Some of those platforms are The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The New York Times, as well as the New York Post. So, in short, he has a major name when it comes to the noteworthy publishes and writings.


Phil was a student at Ohio State University. After finishing his undergrad at Ohio State University, the man went to Boston. There, under Boston University, he completed his M.S. in journalism.

Personal Life

Currently, Mattingly is married to his long-found love, Chelsea Cartel. The two got married on December 10, 2011. And recently, they had a beautiful baby boy (Cartel Mattingly) in 2017.

Social Media

Phil has a twitter account and, we must say that he is quite active there. He shares his magnificent article there as well. Plus, he does comment on the recent political events on his social media account.

The lad is quite famous as well! On his twitter account (@Phil_Mattingly), he has followers of up to 74,000.

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