Ren Kennedy


Have you seen the TV commercial, “Downy unstoppable in-wash scent booster beads?” If yes, you might have had a slight glimpse of today’s personality, Ren Kennedy. Ren is known for her impressive acting skills, and she has a melodious voice that has increased her fans base.

Let us get to know her about her life before fame, and about her birth, school, and family. First is a quick summary of Ren Kennedy’s biography.

Ren Kennedy’s Bio

Name Ren Kennedy
Celebrated name Ren
Famous as Actress
Age 40 years old
Birthday 1980
Birthplace United States
Gender Female
Nationality Canadian
Religion Christianity
Height 5ft 8inches
Weight 55 kilograms
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Professionalism Actress, singer, and writer
Net worth Approximately $3m

Ren KennedyEarly life and education

As a celebrity known for a music career and acting skills, we would easily guess that much of Ren’s personal details are out in the public view. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not. However, we have gathered some of her information from her interviews, Google, and her social media platforms.

Ren was born in 1980, while her dates of birth are not known.  We’re not aware of her parents’ occupations either. Though, considering her hardworking nature and resilience, they must have instilled some vital life skills and virtues in her. She is of Canadian nationality and Caucasian ethnicity.

About her education, she attended Regional High School. Later she joined the Vancouver Academy of Music, where she learned more of her skills. Thus, besides being born with a talent for singing, she has invested much time and effort in growing her skill professionally.  Even more, she is a college graduate with a degree in music.

Age and body measurements

Concerning her age, she is just 40 years old. Besides, she has a curvaceous figure, which is admired by many.  She stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs approximately 155 pounds. She has blue eyes, while her hair is blonde.

Relationships and family

Let us now look at her relationships and family. Well, Ren has not yet publicly revealed any of her family members, not even her siblings, if any. Moreover, she has done everything possible to ensure that her romance is of the least concern to her fans, by wiping out every detail about this from the public media.

Consequently, we are not sure of her current boyfriend or spouse if she is married. As a result, we are not sure if this talented woman has any children yet.  However, undeniably, she would make a good mother, considering her excellent interpersonal skills.

Career of Ren Kennedy

Kennedy is among the few personalities who identified their talents early and were fortunate enough to pursue them even in their education. She started singing at the age of 8 years, at a school event where she received wide applause from her schoolmates. Afterwards, Ren actively volunteered to sing at smaller school events.

Even after graduating from her school, Ren joined a music academy just before she joined a college. Thus indicating her deep passion for pursuing nothing less than music and acting. Even more surprising, in her college education, she pursued a degree in music. Consequently, she has not only relied on her talent to be the famous actor and singer she is today but also, she has invested much of her effort and money in ensuring that she obtained the best skills in both her careers.

As a result, she has sung on many big platforms, such as Opera in music theatre, and acted in countless television films and series. More so, she has written a television series, titled “Little miss Mania,” where she takes the lead role.

Net worth and salary 

Considering her successful acting and music careers, Ren has gathered a vast net worth. She affords one of the most expensive lifestyles and owns the most expensive cars, among many other riches. To estimate her net worth, Ren is worth over $3 million, as in 2021. Nonetheless, in her previous interview, she is said to have more acting contracts coming up, which may translate to an increased income. Consequently, you can expect her net worth to increase any time soon.  


At the mention of her name, Ren, we can only think of a magically talented actress, singer, and writer. How does she manage to attend to all three of her careers and yet outdo every other competitor in her field of specialization? That is a story that needs to be read.

Ren began singing in school events, while she was only eight years old. After graduating from high school, she didn’t want to join college, without first improving her talents. Resultantly, she immediately joined a music academy, which she confesses to date was among her best decisions.

But what surprises most people is that this talented writer, singer, and actress joined college to pursue a bachelor’s degree in music. She was ready to invest everything within her capabilities, and even beyond, to ensure that her skills were matchless in the industry. And frankly, all her efforts have finally paid off.


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