Richard Carleton Meeker

Richard Carleton “Dick” Meeker, Senior, or Richard Carlton, was a USA-based WWII veteran soldier. According to a report, he was one of the main personnel who had joined during the Korean Conflict. He had left the military service soon after the end of World War II. According to his point of view, the whole scenario was too ghastly for him to process. However, once he was done with his military life, he decided to enter the world of sales, career management, and advertising. He worked in the same industry for almost 30 years before retiring.

Richard Carleton Meeker’s Bio

Richard Carleton Meeker was born on 7th March 1927. According to his birth certificate, his birthplace is Los Angeles, California. He had grown up under the strict parenting of Lillian Ross Gill and Carleton Ludlow Meeker.  And, after completing his schooling, he went on and became a soldier through sheer determination. Richard Carleton Meeker was married. The name of his first wife was Mary Tyler Moore. However, they were divorced in 1961.

Nonetheless, Meeker did not give up on love so quickly. After three years, he had married again, this time to Nancy L. Flowers. However, there is no legal certificate available for the said marriage. Apparently, the marriage might have lasted until 1968. He married again in 1968 to Jeanette E. Stein. They were together until the death of Richard Carleton, in 2013. Since his retirement from the army, Richard Carleton Meeker began traveling throughout the world. According to his first wife, he loved venturing through the woods and jungle.

Aside from that, he also had a life-long passion for fishing, barbecuing, and listening to classical music. He had held a private pilot’s license, which, in turn, made it easier for him to board a plane and go on a tour. According to reports, he and his wife, Jeanette E. Stein, had been traveling for almost 45 years, together. During this period, they ventured into the South Pacific, Europe, Alaska, Canada, and several other regions in the USA. He always had an adventurous spirit and wanted to find zest in almost every aspect of his life.

Richard Carleton Meeker had a son from his first marriage, with Mary Tyler Moore. However, he died at the age of 24, in 1980, long before his father. According to the reports of the police, he passed away due to an accidental wound made by a gunshot. During that period, he was handling a shotgun for some reason and pulled the trigger, accidentally. His name was Richard Carleton “Richie” Meeker, Jr. After him, Richard Carleton Meeker did not have any other child at all.

Richard Carleton Meeker died in 2013, at the age of 86. During his lifetime, he was always quite jovial and wanted the best for everyone. Hopefully, he is happy, no matter where he is now!

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