Violet Rain

Violet Rain was a young adult content actress who drew many to her videos due to her beautiful teen looks. During her reign, Rain was available on several porn video hubs, which added to her popularity. Other than that, she promoted her work on social media, though, more modestly, garnering numerous followers, especially male followers.

Violet Rain’s Bio

Violet Rain

We use the reference ‘was’ because, sadly, the youthful actress passed away in March 2019. So, will you join me on more about Rain’s background, career, and sudden death?


Rain came into the world as Jazmine Nicole Dominguez, on 2nd July 1999. Her birth town in Arizona, USA, is a town referred to as Phoenix. She is of white ethnicity and American, and much of her life was spent in the States.

She changed her name from Jazmine Nicole to Violet Rain during her acting career in the porn industry.


Rain kept a simple, innocent teen look, one of the major reasons for her career success. She had long black hair, complemented by dark brown, alluring eyes.

Generally, she looked tall and slim, standing at the height of 5 feet 7 inches tall, with a medium weight of 54 kgs.

On top of that, the beauty possessed an hourglass figure, with a chest size measuring 34 inches, a waistline of 26 inches, and finishing with a hip size of 36 inches.


Violet was always optimistic about her beautiful and attractive looks, subsequently daring to enter the modeling world at a very young age. As a model, she was known as Jazmine Nicole, which is her birth name.

She was successful as a middle school and high school model and quite happy about her popularity.

On top of that, the girl was popular in her social media networks and did not shy away from explicit discussions.

With time, she attracted people from the adult content industry, who approached her with a lucrative acting deal. And it was worth it because the young actress attracted fans from all over the world.

She was great in all the roles she got, and any video that she was part of would go viral. Thus, at nineteen, she was already making a lucrative living out of the industry, evident from her apartment to her social media posts and feeds.

Net Worth of Violet Rain

At the time of her death, Violet Rain was already doing well in her career. It shocks many that she died of a drug overdose, given that she seemed happy with the way she was faring.

So, she was already getting a monthly salary of approximately one thousand U.S. dollars from her work sites. Her cumulative net worth was approximately one million U.S. dollars.


Violet Rain had not disclosed any romantic relationship, but we assume that she was heterosexual as seen from her acting career.


As mentioned, Violet Rain apparently passed away from a drug overdose, as her blood tests indicated excessive use of alcohol and cocaine.

At the time of the tragedy, she was in L.A, California, USA, where she lived and worked from at the time.

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